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Local Plumbers, Bathroom Design & Installation Services:
Based in Boughton-under-Blean we service Faversham, Canterbury, Whitstable and Surrounding Areas. 

“Award Winning Bathrooms and Wet Rooms" Our service includes technical advice, design, build, supply and installation of bathrooms and wet rooms. We offer much more than simply bathroom fitting services. From start to finish we tackle the smallest project with the same enthusiasm as our large projects.

"I have no doubt they are one of the best bathroom installers in East Kent. They are fantastic at what they do".


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Bathroom Design & Installation

A luxurious bathroom has moved higher up the list of priorities for homeowners. Refurbishing a bathroom is generally seen as a wise investment, adding value to the property and offering the owner a beautiful room to relax in and pamper themselves.

Informed opinion states that bathrooms generally take their style cues from the rest of the house. It is unlikely you will find a Victorian bathroom in a contemporary house or a minimalist bathroom in a historical restoration. Using the style of your home as a basis the aim is to create the best possible representation in your bathroom.

Our aim is to provide advice and support when requested and to translate your ideas into reality. Whether you wish to purchase your own bathroom products or you would like us to supply, we will be happy to work with you to deliver the bathroom of your dreams. Whether your project is small or large we will be happy to receive your call.

Many examples of our bathrooms and wet rooms are available to view through out Kent. For specialist work we are prepared to travel subject to referrals and recommendations.

Wet Rooms

We will transform your bathroom, creating additional space and light. Wet Rooms are the modern way to shower with easy access and low maintenance. They are great for families and particularly suited to the elderly or disabled. All our work is guaranteed.

For the elderly and less able we provide non slip floor tiles, grab rails, seating and wheel chair access. The trend for floor level showering has become increasingly attractive and also offers a practical and affordable solution. Wet rooms are now easier to achieve in any space thanks to product innovation and our specialist knowledge and experience. We can create additional space and simplify cleaning through the installation of wall hung toilet pans and concealed toilet cisterns.

Some of our recent wet rooms incorporate LED colour change lighting, with recessed LED's in wall alcoves. Our gallery and youtube videos refer.

Disabled Bathrooms & Wet Rooms

No VAT To Pay. All Work and Supplies Zero Rated for VAT.

Practical Advice

Generally with bathroom design it is relatively easy to make an aesthetic decision. However, we also take into consideration concealment of pipe work, drainage, technical specifications and structural work. The success of the bathroom / shower room / wet room, is also influenced by good use of space, water usage & pressure, functionality, lighting and of course a high quality professional finish.

Technology is moving on at quite a pace within the bathroom, offering innovative design at affordable prices. We select quality branded products that complement the bathroom, function well and offer good reliability.


Ladies we know you love your aromatherapy bubble bath, scented candles and relaxation time. Why not invest in that luxurious bathing experience?

When it comes to baths the choice has never been greater: single and double ended baths, freestanding, corner, shower baths, whirlpool baths and roll tops (to name but a few). Thermaform baths to keep your water warmer for longer or traditional steel enamel we are happy to provide free technical advice and support.

Wall Hung Toilet Pans

For a minimal, modern and space saving toilet, wall hung pans are the perfect option. Perfect for the biggest bathrooms and the smallest cloakrooms, wall hung toilet pans will suit most bathroom designs. We can also install the toilet pan at what ever height you may require. They create a real sense of style and luxury and are often found in Boutique and Spa hotels. Many of our bathrooms feature wall hung toilets and bidets. We have been supplying and installing wall hung toilets for over 10 years.


New Grohe Sensia Shower Toilet. Technically advanced wall hung toilet combines the functions of a toilet and bidet. The ultimate in hygiene with self cleaning spray arms, and temperature control. Personalised user settings and automatic seat opening and closing. The dual toilet/bidet function saves space and is a fantastic asset in the home, particularly if a family member has temporary or permanent mobility issues. Recently supplied and fitted by ASP Plumbing in one of our many bathrooms.  Whitstable. April 2017.


Concealed Toilet Cisterns

Bathrooms are by their nature generally small. We can utilise wasted space by building toilet cisterns into stud walls and boxed in areas. Concealing your toilet cistern will create additional floor space with the introduction of a back to wall pan. All our cisterns are accessible for servicing via removable flush plates. There are many other options available (all featured in our website).

Underfloor Heating

Under floor heating is becoming increasingly popular with the current trend towards tiled floor areas, providing an efficient and highly practical heating solution. We offer under floor heating with a wide range of tiled surfaces, as well as engineered wooden flooring. Wet rooms are also suitable for under floor heating systems.

When refurbishing bathrooms we prefer to offer electric underfloor heating as opposed to wet systems. Bathroom floors are generally small in area and are not located on the ground floor. Electric heating systems enable minimal increase in floor height and are easier to install on suspended floors, which keeps installation costs to a minimum. We also insulate the floor prior to laying the heating mats, this ensures faster warm up times.


Whatever your choice of tiles we will ensure our intelligent application of bathroom design and installation will complement the tile design. We ensure uniform finish with consistent 2mm grout lines in your wall tiles (in some cases 1mm). Tile edging can be finished with various trims in chrome, brushed aluminium etc.

All bath and shower areas are completely waterproofed prior to tiling. We also use water proof cement and grouts guaranteed for 10 years. Specialist tiles that are porous such has limestone and travertine are also sealed in addition to the application of our other preparations.


Clever use of lighting in a bathroom creates amazing results. A successful lighting plan can consist of a combination of ambient, accent, task and decorative lighting.

We offer the latest LED technology in low energy, low voltage lighting. LED’s are ideal for bathrooms, particularly in shower walls and bath areas.

New: Our recent wet room and bathroom projects have included touch sensitive lighting control systems. By simply touching a tiled wall (a virtual switch) you can control your lighting scheme. Please contact us for more information.


Colour Change LED's

Choose from a number of colour settings. Change the ambient lighting and mood of your bathroom. Works extremely well with either a neutral or a light shade of tile. Back lit alcoves and bathroom furniture featured in our web site gallery. Another popular innovation is colour change ambient lighting, built into the base and sides of mirror cabinets. New: trend is illuminated bathroom furniture. the undersides of wall hung units and draw fronts provide an ambient light which is visually stunning.

Shower Systems

It is claimed that on average showering uses 30% less water than bathing. However, we suspect the trend for showering replacing bathing in popularity is mainly due to convenience and versatility.

After consultation with our clients our aim is to offer the ideal and most appropriate showering experience, based on the design requirements and limitations of their hot water heating system, their expected usage and of course available budget.

There is a wide range and choice of showers now available and this trend will no doubt continue. Whether you are considering a basic setup or the latest digital showers with remote control and programmable settings, we are happy to be of service.

New: please view our gallery for our latest digital Mira and Aqualisa shower systems.


Storage Essentials

One of the primary ingredients of achieving a more spacious effect in your bathroom or wet room is by removing clutter. Clever use of storage units and strategically placed mirrored wall cabinets will ensure your room looks bigger. We can design storage into dead spaces in wall cavities, under baths and much more.

Soild Surface Worktops

Very much the vogue. Soild surface worktops (you are unlikely to consider laminate worktops after viewing our samples and porfolio of work). They mimic natural stone and offer real style and a professsional finish to your bathroom.

One of our recent projects incorporated building a bath and large shower into a limited space by converting the bathroom into a wet room. Please contact us for further details.

Glass Block Walls

We have built a number of glass block walls, or partial glass block walls in our bathrooms. They allow natural light into shower areas, corridors and bathrooms, also offering an excellent stylish feature in your home. Please view our website gallery for details and examples of our work.


Bespoke Bathroom Design

We offer affordable designs and alterations to your bathroom or wet room that include  alcoves / wall niches built into your shower and bathroom walls. LED lighting available in ceilings, walls and floors with touch sensor control. Glass opaque blocks or panels built into stud walls, allowing natural light into hallways and rooms. Replacement ceilings, specialist finishing touches and much more.

Water Conservation

We ensure when replacing the internal working parts of your cistern we install dual six litre and three litre flush valves, providing a toilet flushing system up to 60% more efficient than older designs. We offer free technical advice when purchasing your bathroom products, regardless of whether you purchase directly from us or not.

Showering saves water and has become by far the most popular choice, and not just for families but also for people with disabilities, senior citizens and people with busy lives (most of us). We can increase and maximise your available bathroom space by removing the bath and creating a shower room.

New designs of shower head save up to 75% water. By increasing the size of the water droplets through aeration we still achieve an excellent showering experience whilst saving energy and water. Options include adjustable fixed shower heads to shower kits offering the best of both worlds by allowing you to switch back and forth from a fixed shower head to a more mobile handset. In hard water areas (Kent) we recommend rub clean nozzles which enable both easy cleaning and fitting.


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